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717-918-1336Kay Shaffer

Yesterday, customers found you in the yellow pages - today they search for you on the web. 

It's no longer news that people are utilizing online searches to locate or research a business or the products/services they offer.  Keeping your information fresh and current is key to a strong business presence on the web.   Offering the ability to update  as needed, a website is more versatile and informative than the yellow pages. 

Web Designs by Kay works on the presumption that websites should be within the grasp of any business regardless of size or needs.  True, the bottom line price is a direct reflection of the amount of information or the technical requirements.  However, the real objective is to give your business a presence on the internet with the ability to grow the site as your needs change.

Swift GalleryI invite you to browse my website and the links to websites I have created.   I welcome the opportunity to discuss your website needs and the possibility of giving your business a web presence.

Kay Shaffer

Web Designs by Kay

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